Magnification specified by lens used.
Samples are placed directly in the path of the laser.
No focus required. Any organisms in water sample cast shadows on the projection screen.

Directions for assembling a laser microscope:
1. Hot glue laser in a block. Be sure to include a notch on the bottom of the block for the wire.

2. Wire and solder the laser, switch, and a batter holder for 2 AA batteries.

3. Hot glue a lens inside another block. The lens must be flush or below the top of the block.

4. Glue the perimeter of a screen to the top of a box with silicone sealer.  This will act as the projection screen of the microscope.

5. Hot glue the laser block, battery, and switch to the box
6. Put silicone sealer on the bottom of the lens block and adjust to align the laser through the lens. Adjust until the image is centered on the screen. Let the glue dry.
7. Put the slide with a specimen on top of the lens block and observe your specimens projected on the screen at the top of the box.